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This guide describes the tasks needed to deploy and operate a testbed based on the software released by the CONFINE Project, a European FP7 project intended to develop the tools that allow researchers to deploy, run, monitor and experiment with services, protocols and applications on real-world community networks. These instructions also apply to Community-Lab, CONFINE's reference testbed based on several community networks.

The current implementation of CONFINE testbeds relies on a central controller which provides a web interface for human interaction with several tools and a set of APIs for programs. It also provides other important services to testbed nodes. For more technical information on the Controller software, see Testbed Server.

In terms of the CONFINE architecture (see Testbed architecture), the Controller software implements a testbed server which provides an entry point to the Registry REST API (see CONFINE REST API) and which acts as a management network gateway server (see The management network).

Thus, this guide is centered on the configuration and maintenance of a server running the Controller software, and other servers run by testbed operators like gateway servers. For the administration of testbed nodes, please refer to Community-Lab/CONFINE user's guide.

Please note that, throughout the guide and unless explicitly stated otherwise, whenever the reader is instructed to log into the Controller web interface, it is assumed that the used account possesses superuser privileges.

Also note that command line operations are prefixed with $ or # depending on whether the command must be run as a plain system user (which holds a Controller deployment) or as root, respectively.

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