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Development of a Benchmarking Framework


The description of work describes task T.4.3.2 as follows:

T4.3.2 Development of benchmarking framework: In order to ensure repeatability, reproducibility and verifiability of the experimental research, this sub-task will develop the tools that allow the control of different parameters of the testbed, and for being able to work with stable experimental configurations and integrate the data sets obtained in task T4.3.

This page will document ongoing efforts to complete this task, based on Deliverable 4.8 and a first brainstorm.


Define prototype benchmark experiments

Extend prototype experiment

  • more experiments
  • more metrics (incl implementation)
  • more generic scoring
  • automate everything (some user interface)

Who does what

  • Control tools development by adapting OMF framework for experiment characteristics, gathering data, … by iMinds
  • NS3 integration for testbed validation, measurement tools integration → FKIE
  • Measurement tools == monitoring system by Navaneeth, experiment interaction and isolation, automated scoring of experiments → UPC
  • SDN for topology control: from OC2 participant?
  • Spectrum monitoring for validation? Available in UPC, feasible and inexpensive, we will follow up with Pau

Next steps (in January 2014)

Work on NS3, OMF and monitor

Add more sensing hardware to testbeds

Objectives to be defined by plenary meeting

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