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Part 3: Deploying the BitTorrent Experiment on Community-Lab

In this tutorial we will assume that you have a user name in the Community-Lab Testbed Manager.

It is also recommended to use an own CONFINE device the very first time that you want to use the testbed but it is not mandatory.

After completing this tutorial, we will be able to deploy and execute any experiment on the CONFINE testbed. However, as CONFINE is still under development, some topics may not be covered in detail in this tutorial. If you have more questions and/or suggestions, take a look at CONFINE Wiki webpage.

What have we missed?

We have an isolated VCT-C with some virtual nodes and a controller replica that manage them. We worked with the Controller web interface and now we know how to configure and run a simple experiments. However, there are two basic points missed:

  1. Scalability: We configured only four nodes, and we did it manually. However, this method is not scalable to larger experiments (let's say 1000 nodes). CONFINE provides different options to load experimental data and templates when they are deployed, making the configuration process simpler.
  2. Experiment monitor: We ran our experiment, but we did not measure anything. We need some method to get information about the nodes and network behaviour, maybe in real-time.

We are going to address the first problem in this part of the tutorial. The first issue will be covered in the last part of the tutorial and the second one in the following sections.

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