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Related Work

CONFINE is not the only project to use and provide open data, this page tries to summarise interesting related work.


CAIDA is a very large source of information on internet data analysis, the links below are often heavily inspired by it

A Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) is a measurement initiative by CAIDA on the general internet. For traffic analysis this is a good starting point.

Packet Clearing House is a non-profit research institute which “supports operations and analysis in the areas of Internet traffic exchange, routing economics, and global network development

How to document a Data Collection a good practice to say the least

Security and Privacy

the inevitable conflict between data privacy and science must read

Promotion of Data Sharing describes the CAIDA Privacy-Sensitive Sharing (PS2) framework

Data Catalogs

DatCat a catalog of Internet measurement data, it would be nice to have this refer to our work

CKAN open source software to build your own data catalog

Data Sets

Route Views indexes and analyses global internet route information

Ground Truth traces from UNIBS are associated with the GT research. This includes an overview on the anonymization scheme.

Network Telescope data logs of networks under attack

CAIDA data overview a very large list of data


Paris Traceroute is a traceroute implementation which can cope with load balancing

Crypto-PAn Cryptography-based Prefix-preserving Anonymization

topostats a package of programs that calculate various statistics on network topologies (that is, on graphs)

NFDump the command line backend for NFSen

NFSen a tool to visually inspect and drill down into netflow data

NFSen plugins plugins for fancy visualizations of NFSen

CoralReef a software suite to analyse flow data

Research Inspiration

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