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PC Engines Alix line

The alix boards are rugged, well proven x86 based boards. Designed by the Swiss company PCEngines they have survived in community networks for years in harsh outdoor weather conditions.


There are two main lines of Alix boards: 3d* and 2d* (taken from:

  • 2d* line:
name          cpu     RAM     LAN     miniPCI PCI     USB          other              size
alix2d2	LX800	256MB	2	2	0	2		tinyBIOS	6x6"  (152.4mm = 6")
alix2d3	LX800	256MB	3	1	0	2		tinyBIOS	6x6"
alix2d13	LX800	256MB	3	1	0	2	add battery, I2C, COM2, internal USB header	tinyBIOS	6x6"
  • 3d line:
alix3d2	LX800	256MB	1	2	0	2		tinyBIOS	100x160mm
alix3d3	LX800	256MB	1	2	0	2	VGA, audio	Award	100x160mm

There are two main differences between the 2D and 3D lines: the 2D lines are square shaped and they usually have 3 LAN ports but only 1 miniPCI slot. The 3D line has 2 miniPCI slots but only one LAN port. The 3D line fits (with some minor tweaks into a WRAP box).

Software notes

OpenWRT supports Alix by default. You just have to select “Alix” during make menuconfig in the architecture options. This automatically enables the right LED drivers (the LEDs can be controlled via a device file) and some other special settings for the hardware.

Apart from this, the standard x84 OpenWRT images will run just fine on Alix.

Further information

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