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AWMN node Skai-Parnitha #14024 - (lon: 23.7313 lat: 38.1717)

The AWMN network already has active/operating nodes on a few mountains in and around the Attica region. One of these nodes is on Mount Parnitha, a densely forested mountain range north of Athens the highest on the peninsula of Attica with an elevation of 1,413 m.

In cooperation with the TV station of Skai the association of AWMN has the opportunity, over the last 2 years, to gain valuable experience regarding professional installations able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Different equipment and setups have been trailed over these years, as every winter passed weak points of the installations have been identified.

To give an example temperatures can easily reach -15 degrees Celsius during the winter while wind speed can be anything up to 117 km/h (number 11 in the Beaufort scale).

The pictures below do worth a thousand words…

  • Installation during spring of 2010

 Parnitha April 2010

 Parnitha April 2010

  • January 2011 (Winter time)

 Parnitha January 2011

 Parnitha January 2011

 Parnitha January 2011

The most commonly used Alubox (model 333 Outdoor IP65 Case) for housing Router-Board equipment did not make it through that winter. You can see the oxidation inside the box in the picture below.

Alubox 333 after 9 months

During upgrade and maintenance sessions that took place in Spring of 2011 the setup of this node was re-evaluated and single Wi-Fi Router Boards ware installed in a more “industrial” type of casing. The WRAP-BOX outdoor enclosures ware selected and were actually installed at the back of each prime focus dish, connected directly on the feed-horn of each dish. This setup helped to reduce the cost of expensive Heliax RF cables as well as minimized surrounding interference. This is illustrated at the pictures shown below.

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