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Node hardware

Nodes in the CONFINE testbed are part of community networks but can have extra resources to facilitate experimentation.

In the process of selection of our nodes we have considered:

According to our node architecture, for the first generation of the testbed we are deploying nodes that include three devices: community, research and recovery

Community device

The community device can be whatever board is used in a given community, for instance an Alix board, Fonera, NanoStation, Mikrotik, etc.

Research device

The research device is based on either an Alix board (low specs) or an Atom-based board (Commell LE-575X for higher specs). This list contains the components used in the UPC testbed nodes.

unfortunetely the commell gets too hot when mounted inside of typical outdoor boxes, details

list of alternatives

Recovery device

The recovery device depends on the access method: can be a separate board or built in the community device if control for the power cycling of the experimental device is allowed.

see also: Musti-device (and small-boards)

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