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Community-Lab is CONFINE's official open-access global facility for network experimentation deployed and maintained by CONFINE Project members, who run the Community-Lab testbed to support experimentally-driven research on community networks. It integrates with and extends five existing community networks:, FunkFeuer, AWMN, and Ninux.

The testbed is under continuous development, testing and improvement in addition to upgrading to the latest CONFINE software version. If you need more information about Community-Lab and site interconnection, please visit our testbed sites pages.

Currently Community-Lab is only open to CONFINE partners, but it is expected to become open by the end of the project to anyone that conforms to Community-Lab's Acceptable Usage Policy.

At Community-Lab, most of the equipment supports experiments that range from transport to application layers. However, the researcher should consider that this equipment is comparable to those used by community networks, i.e. modest capabilities in terms of CPU, memory and disk should be expected. Additionally, we have deployed a limited number of devices in what we call a Community-Lab cloud. Devices within such a cloud can reach each other wirelessly, allowing researchers to experiment at the link layer using DLEP and at the network layer using VLAN tagging. The type of applications that can be run on a node is determined by the network interfaces it has (more details at the glossary).

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