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Community-Lab users and roles

The main roles of testbed users are:

  • Slice administrators (or researchers) are the main users of the testbed. They are the people that run applications in the testbed as slices, and they must belong to a group, which represents a community, research group, institution, etc.
  • Node administrators (or technicians) are the people responsible for the research devices (AKA CONFINE testbest nodes). They can register nodes, generate their software, etc., and they must also belong to a group. Although CONFINE nodes may be owned by community members, technicians must adhere to the testbed policies and conditions, thus decoupling testbed management from infrastructure ownership and management.
  • Finally, group administrators are responsible for a group and can manage the people that belong to it, as well as the related slices and nodes.

For each of those roles, there is an specific manual showing how to perform the typical actions the user will face: Slice administrator's guide, Node administrator's guide and Group administrator's guide. They are part of a more general Community-Lab/CONFINE user's guide.

Fig. 1: Community-Lab user roles

We would like to state that, even though the guides are written to help users of Community-Lab, CONFINE's software is distributed as Free/Libre/Open Source Software, therefore, such guides can be of help to the users of any other deployment of CONFINE's software.

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