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The CONFINE Project

The scientific and technical objectives of the European FP7 CONFINE Project can be drawn from the need to explore models for the Future Internet that are socially, economically and technically sustainable. The CONFINE project targets the exploration and advancement of the community networking model, towards providing the right quality of experience and sustainability.

This project offers Community–Lab, a testbed for experimental research that integrates and extends five existing community networks: (Spain), FunkFeuer (Austria), AWMN (Greece), (Greece) and Ninux (Italy). Community-Lab provides researchers with access to these emerging community networks, supporting any stakeholder interested in developing and testing experimental systems and technologies for these network infrastructures.

The project contributes new equipment, extending the existing community networks with additional nodes, network interfaces, links and computing resources. This extra capacity is required to accommodate the additional load caused by experiments running in the community networks. The Community-Lab testbed is operational with more than 100 nodes for experimentation embedded in community networks.

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