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“Confined” milestone

The objective of this release is to develop a stable and definitive testbed software implementation for the project experiments. The software system for this release extends our B release (see “Bare bones” milestone) and provides all the functionality/features we want to offer for experiments. The expected release date is May 2015.

Node architecture

source Fig. 1: Node architecture

Data model

source Fig. 2: Data model

Release plan

  • Straight to Barrier Breaker
  • ☑ Find volunteer node admins (Joseph, Jorge, Pau)
  • ☑ Locate a few diverse nodes: VM, physical lab, physical outdoor, 32bit, 64bit…
    • Available via IPv4 or physically
    • Used by experiments
  • ☑ Repeat until no serious issues remain
    • Fix issues
      • ☑ VLAN-based RD interfaces (Henning: merge)
      • ☑ Update DLEP version in Node (Henning)
      • ☑ Open vSwitch: use package from trunk (Henning?)
      • ☑ Use management network to download remote upgrade image (issue #653)
      • ☒ Separate upgrade scripts into packages upgradeable via Opkg (Pau? Axel?) (we prefer the full upgrade)
      • ☒ 64-bit build (Pau? Axel?) (not available until OpenWrt Chaos Calmer)
      • ☑ Relax SAFE to not undeploy slivers (Ivan, Axel) (issue #665)
      • ☒ Fix USB update in Jetway nodes (ask Henning) (no news on this)
      • ☒ NTP integration in slivers (Andrea, Claudio) (cannot change date in LXC container)
    • Release testing image
    • Deploy testing image
    • Test and watch during a week
  • ☑ Merge and release stable image
  • ☑ Controller-related issues (fix in parallel with Node):
    • ☑ Use management network to download remote upgrade image (issue #653)
    • ☒ Node upgrade tinc issues with only mgmt net access (no news on this)
      • Clarify with Henning!
    • ☑ Do not recommend dd based node upgrade (in wiki and Controller instructions)
  • ☐ Mass upgrade
  • ☐ Upgrade Controller to non-backcompat
  • ☐ Update templates for Open vSwitch (Axel?)

☐ ☒ ☑

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