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Monitor Metrics

Monitored information is reported via a web interface that supports sorting, and shows graphs of historical data. The reporting currently covers OS-provided metrics and metrics synthesized from other sources on the node.

When a user access the homepage of the CONFINE monitoring system (, he can visualise the monitored information as shown in Figure 8. This information is fetched by the homepage from the “most recent” documents that are copies of the corresponding “node” and “synthesized” document types.

If we want to observe the information of the most recent copies of the“traceroute” documents we will have to access to the following URL:

Logs from node centric data and other metrics monitored by the server are stored in the database. This information is aggregated and summaries are provided at a granularity necessary to make meaningful inference from the data. Precision of the monitored information is never lost and it supports data offloading which is then provided as an open data set.

                                   Figure 8: Homepage of the monitoring system       
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