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Standardization Activities

Radio to router communication protocol (IETF)

Pre-draft of a lightweight, RFC 5444 compatible protocol

'Stateless RFC5444-based Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol' started as a document to show how a RFC5444 compliant DLEP specification could look like, without using any kind of session mechanism between radio and router. The current revision has been written a few weeks before the IETF in Vancouver, so it does not contain changes related to DLEP-03.

The protocol in the draft has three components:

  • Metric transport from the radio to the router
  • bi-directional transport of MAC/IP pair between radio and router for arp-caching
  • controlling the radio by the router (at the moment a switch to turn the radio on/off)

The three components can be used independently of each other, components not supported by one side do not disrupt the rest of the protocol.

Stateless RFC5444-based Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol

In the meantime, a DLEP design team has been established. Members are different stakeholders. Henning Rogge participated to represent the Confine partners. The results of the work of this team are reflected in DLEP Draft 05:


This version of the draft will be officially presented at the IETF 89 meeting, London, England March 2-7, 2014.

OLSRv2 Standardization Topics

Routing Metrics

Based on the experiences from Community networking, Confine partners suggested a directional metric similar to the Expected Transmission Time metric to cope with different link speeds and link qualities.

As a result, Confine partners submitted a personal draft.

There will be discussions at the IETF 89, London, England, March 2-7, 2014 if this metric will become a working group draft.

Multi Topology Extensions

Discussions of potential features of a future working group draft.

There will be discussions at the IETF 89, London, England, March 2-7, 2014 if Multi Topology Extension will become a working group draft.

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