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The evaluation of network measurement tools, to be applicable to for real-world networks, requires the conditions of the test network to be as close as possible to the networks in which they are later to be deployed. Thus, having an existing real-world network which can be utilized for tests (while also allowing reconfiguration of certain characteristics/features) would be of significant interest to researchers. A broad survey reveals a special interest in the real-world conditions of two categories of network characteristics: those related to traffic control and those related to topology control. Provisioning the researcher with corresponding management tools with which they can artificially cause such conditions and topology changes would help them in realizing realistic test bed setups and scenarios in test environments.

In this article, we describe the rationale and development of a test environment for network measurement tools based on OMF. We mainly aim to support the OMF-researchers in describing their experiments by

  • providing application and measurement point definitions for well-known / often used third-party network management and measurement tools running under openWRT
  • providing configurable OMF template scripts that can realize typical evaluation testbeds and scenarios studied from related literature using the CONFINE research nodes

Survey of Typical Network Measurement Tools for OMF-Integration

To integrate third-party tools with OMF, we surveyed the research field of network measurement in order to find the well-known / most often used tools from related literature. So far, we could identify the following tools described in the table below.

Name Description
tc A tool that can cause artificial queuing delays, packet losses, duplications, corruptions and reorderings and enable traffic shaping
iperf Iperf is a tool to measure achievable throughput along a path. In case of UDP, iperf also reports delay jitter and datagram loss.
tcpdump A well-known packet analyser tool
capprobe, pathrate End-to-end capacity estimation tools based on Packet Pair / Train technique
pathload, pathchirp, yaz End-to-end available bandwidth estimation tools based on Probe Rate Model
spruce End-to-end available bandwidth estimation tools based on Probe Gap Model
ethtool Display or change Ethernet card settings (e.g. interface speed, communication channel etc.)
httperf A tool for measuring web server performance
owamp One way delay measurement tool
ShaperProbe A tool to detect traffic shaping nodes along a path
Sting A tool to accurately measure the packet loss rate on both the forward and reverse paths between a pair of hosts
Badabing A tool to measure packet loss frequency and duration

For each tool, we will provide the following OMF templates:

  • The application definition file for the tool to be integrated with the OMF-Framework
  • The modified source code of the tool containing the measurement point definitions
  • And finally a sample experiment description file

Survey of Typical Testbeds for Evaluating Network Measurement Tools

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