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Deploying Services in Community-Lab

The Community Networks that are part of CONFINE can use the Community-Lab testbed to offer services to their users. In order to deploy cloud-based services in the Community-Lab nodes (Research Devices) in an automatic and easy way, we deploy the Cloudy distribution which contains Tahoe-LAFS, XtreemFS, Avahi, PeerStreamer and other services inside of the slivers of the testbed implemented as Linux containers (LXC). Therefore, from the Community-Lab Testbed management interface, any CONFINE user can deploy a slice that uses the Cloudy distribution as template for all the slivers that are part of the slice, as shown in Figure 2. This way, we facilitate and simplify the process of deploying services in the Community Networks that are part of CONFINE.

 Service Deployment

                               Figure 2: Service Deployment in Community-Lab  
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