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  • 09:30 breakfast
  • 10:00 Presentations
  • 13:30 – 14:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 – workshop (dev)


Day 1
  1. Node architecture for first iteration: Ivan (slides)
  2. Testbed deployment for first iteration: Pau
  3. Confine-controller Marc & Isaac?
  4. Confine-dist for first iteration: Axel?
  5. Confine-dist buildroot: Axel & Pau?
Day 2
  1. VCT (or Confine in a suitcase): Axel & Marc?
  2. Markus, would you like to talk about something?
  3. Open talk about OpenWRT by Jo-Philipp (slides)

Workshop tasks

  1. Test current implementation in real environment (e.g. Integration test, nodes, controller, sample experiment)
  2. How to manage the storage on confine nodes
  3. Confine-dist buildroot: improvements? integration with OpenWRT buildroot?
  4. Confine paper discussion
  5. Out-of-band access testing and implementation (includes testing `lxc-attach`).
  6. Test DLEP implementation

Presentations data

UPC testbed

Notes about tasks

DLEP testing

This is a mail sent by Henning explaining the current state of DLEP implementation:


after some work with Felix Fietkau on the Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin and a week of fixing small bugs and finetuning, DLEP should now run within the Confine distribution.

The way to test DLEP at the moment is to add a new line to the feed directory:

src-git dlep file:///home/rogge/develop/olsrd/olsrd-framework/;dlep

This will activate to new packages in OpenWrt, that are (without modification of configuration file) will transport the layer-2 data of "wlan0" over the ethernet link "eth0".

Unfortunately there is a small problem with Cmake and OpenWRT, so we need to apply the attached patch to our Confine distribution. But it should appear in OpenWRT anyways before the next stable and it should have no side-effects.

package:     network/dlep-service-git
config-file: /etc/dlep-service.conf
start:       dlep-service --load /etc/dlep-service.conf --set log.debug=dlep-service

package:     network/dlep-client-git
config-file: /etc/dlep-client.conf
start:       dlep-client --load /etc/dlep-clientconf --set log.debug=dlep-client

Henning Rogge
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