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Software Applications

Functionality is split into applications, each one focused on do one specific thing.

Developed Applications

The diagram shows some of the applications that we are developing and their interactions.

  1. nodes ~ Create and manage nodes
  2. slices ~ Support for creating and manage slices and slivers
  3. mgmtnetworks ~ Plugable support for management overlay networks (Tinc)
  4. users ~ Users and group management
  5. sfa ~ SFA support
  6. permissions ~ Permissions framework
  7. api ~ REST API support
  8. issues ~ Issue tracking system
  9. registration ~ User registration functionality
  10. communitynetworks ~ Plugable support for community network nodes
  11. firmware ~ Plugable support for firmware generation
  12. gis ~ GIS support for geolocating testbed resources
  13. state ~ Node and Sliver state feedback
  14. pki ~ Public key infrastructure support
  15. maintenance ~ Run node maintenance operations
  16. monitor ~ Monitorize nodes, slivers and server status

Django contrib apps

  1. django.contrib.admin
    Automatic admin interface. It reads model metadata to provide a powerful and production-ready interface
  2. django.contrib.auth
    Authentication system that handles user accounts, groups, permissions and cookie-based user sessions
  3. django.contrib.contenttypes
    Provides a high-level, generic interface for working with your models
  4. django.contrib.sessions
    It stores data on the server side and abstracts the sending and receiving of cookies
  5. django.contrib.messages
    Provides full support for cookie- and session-based messaging
  6. django.contrib.staticfiles
    Collects static files from each application into a single location that can easily be served in production

Third-party applications

We've reused a bunch of Django third-party applications:

  1. Django Rest Framework
    Automates the process of creating a RESTful API
  2. Django Celery
    Provides Celery integration for Django, an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing
  3. South
    Enables database schema and data migrations
  4. Django Admin Tools
    Enhance django.contrib.admin, with bookmarks, menu bar, customizable dashboard and better look
  5. Django Fluent Dashboard
    Enhace Django Admin Tools with dashboard icon support
  6. Django Singletons
    Singleton pattern for django.db.models
  7. Django Transaction Signals
    Provides callback functionality when a transaction has committed
  8. Django Registration
    User registration application to allow user signups (base app for groups registration)
  9. Django Google Maps
    Provides the basic hooks into google maps V3 api for use in django models (gis app depends on it)
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