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Community networks application

Provides plugable support for community network nodes, gateways and servers.


  • COMMUNITYNETWORKS_CNDB_CA_BUNDLE Certificate Authority bundle for validating the certificate of CNDB connection (HTTPS), $APP_PATH/certs/ by default.
  • COMMUNITYNETWORKS_CNDB_URL_AUTH CNDB API auth system url, by default.
  • COMMUNITYNETWORKS_CNDB_USER username for CNDB API credentials.
  • COMMUNITYNETWORKS_CNDB_PASS password for CNDB API credentials.

Common Node DB Interaction

The confine server fetchs (on node owner demand) CNDB in order to update some attributes of the node definition which are cached on our database for performance reasons (rd.arch, rd.interfaces,…).

This process can be triggered through admin interface running cache nodedb action or making a POST do-cache-cndb to the API.

More info about the API and updated fields at REST API documentation.

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