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Maintenance Application

This application provides support for performing arbitrary remote operations (shell scripts executed through SSH) to a subset of testbed nodes.

The application will take care of ensuring the task execution on all selected nodes, even those nodes that are offline by the time the operation was executed.

This app takes advantage of the management key from a-hack milestone
Make sure you have the needed keys in place

python createmaintenancekey

This app takes advantages of the pull strategy
When a node contacts the server's registry API service for retrieving their configuration, all pending operations on that node will be executed.


  • MAINTENANCE_KEY_PATH route to the RSA private key file for SSH authentication, %(site_root)s/pki/maintenance_rsa by default.
  • MAINTENANCE_PUB_KEY_PATH route to the public ssh key file for SSH authentication, %(site_root)s/pki/ by default.
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