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Pings Application

Monitor network reachability of the nodes, slivers and hosts over the management network. The server polls periodically the other network components via pings and monitorizes ratio reply and RTT (Round Trip Time).


  • PING_LOCK_DIR path to the folder where create the lock file, by default '/dev/shm/'.
  • PING_COUNT number of ECHO_REQUEST packets to send in each poll, by default 4.
  • PING_DEFAULT_INSTANCE default ping instance parameters, by default
        # how often perform the ping (in seconds)
        'schedule': 200,
        # period while the last ping is valid (if expires **NODATA** will be shown)
        'expire_window': 150,
        # pings aggregation configuration for old pings
        'downsamples': (\\
            # Limitations: you can not say 16 months or 40 days
            #              but you can say 2 years or 2 months
            # pings older than 1 year aggregates as 4 hour samples
            (relativedelta(years=1), timedelta(minutes=240)),
            # pings older than 6 months aggregates as 1 hour samples
            (relativedelta(months=6), timedelta(minutes=60)),
            # pings older than 3 months aggregates as 20 minutes samples
            (relativedelta(months=3), timedelta(minutes=20)),
            # pings older than 2 months aggregates as 10 minutes samples
            (relativedelta(months=2), timedelta(minutes=10)),
            # pings older than 2 weeks aggregates as 5 minutes samples
            (relativedelta(weeks=2), timedelta(minutes=5)),
        # how get the ping destination address of the object
        'get_addr': lambda obj: getattr(obj, 'address')
  • PING_INSTANCES a dictionary list of models which will be pinged, by default
            'model': 'tinc.TincClient',
            'app': 'mgmtnetworks.tinc',
            'admin_classes': (
                ('TincClientInline', 'tinc_compatible_address', '', 'content_object'),
                ('HostAdmin', 'address', 'tinc', ''),
        }, {
            'model': 'slices.SliverIface',
            'app': 'slices',
            'admin_classes': (
                ('SliverIfaceInline', 'ipv6_addr', '', 'sliver'),
            'filter': {'type': 'management'},
            'get_addr': lambda obj: getattr(obj, 'ipv6_addr'),
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