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Registration Application

Provides User (admin, researchers and technicians) and Group sign up functionality.


  • ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS number of days before removing unactive accounts, by default 7
  • LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL default URL to redirect after succcesful user login (if any specified), by default '/admin/'
  • USERS_REGISTRATION_MODE control level of new users registration. OPEN means that the account is enabled when the email is verifed. RESTRICTED implies that once the email is verified the administrators must enable the account manually. CLOSED means that only the admins can create users (registration is disabled). By default RESTRICTED.
  • EMAIL_REGISTRATION_APPROVE email which receives the notifications when a new user is registered and has validated its email; so its account is ready to be moderated (approve|delete).

Customize registration templates/emails

Registration emails and templates can be easily customized following these steps:

  1. Define TEMPLATE_DIRS setting:
    TEMPLATE_DIRS = ('/home/vct/controller/templates/',) + TEMPLATE_DIRS
  2. Put the customized template(s) into the templates path.
    $> ls -R /home/vct/controller/templates/
      registration_closed.html      # information page when registration is closed
      activation_email_subject.txt  # subject of email to inform the user that email needs validation
      activation_email.txt          # content of email to inform the user that email needs validation
      activation_complete.html      # the user has validated his/her email address, moderation pending
      registration_complete.html    # user has completed the registration procedure

You can find examples on the controller repository.


Inspiration source (planet-lab):

User Registration WorkFlow

Depending on the setting USERS_REGISTRATION_MODE there are diferent user registration workflows:

OPEN (with captcha verification)

  1. A user signs up, and an inactive account is created.
  2. An email is sent to user with activation link, for example:
    Please verify that you registered for a Confine Testbed account with the username by visiting:
    You must wait for this account to be approved before you can begin using it, please be patient.
    If you did not register for a CommunityLab account, please ignore this
    message, or contact CommunityLab Support <>.
  3. The user visits the activation link, making the account active. At this point the user can:
    • Access the admin interface
    • Create new groups (the created group has not granted any permission, it cannot create nodes or slices)
    • Send join request to existing groups


  1. A user signs up (see step 1 in OPEN mode).
  2. An email is sent (see step 2 in OPEN mode).
  3. The user vistis the activation link validating the account email. Please use the activation_complete.html template to tell the user about any further steps that should be taken for the new acount to be approved.
  4. An email is also sent to the operators responsible of approving new users (defined by EMAIL_REGISTRATION_APPROVE setting) notifying that a new registration requires their approval.
  5. The operators approve the account, the user is activated and an email is sent to the user confirming that the account has been approved.


The registration web is disabled so any user cannot sign up. In this mode only testbed operators can create new users.

Join Group WorkFlow

  1. When user can request to join a Group (a join request is created which must be accepted by any of the group administrator)
  2. The admins of the group receive a notification email
    Bob Foo <> has requested to join at 'Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya'.
    To accept the request, please visit:
    Best regards
  3. Once accepted the user receives a notification
    Your Confine Research group join request has been confirmed.
    Please visit to access your account.

Group registration WorkFlow

  1. A logged user fill a form with the Group information:
    • The Group is created without any privileges (cannot create new nodes neither slices)
    • The user becomes the administrator of the new RG.
  2. An email is sent to the operations team
  3. Upon approval, the admin will receive an information e-mail
  • Can admins add users by their own? Group admin can only update the user roles of its group, no create new users.

Planet lab example:

 - Your registration request has been received.
 - A mail was sent to the operations team, your application should be processed shortly.
 - Upon approval, the PI will receive an information e-mail
 - Please send a message to if this request is not instructed within a few days.
 - Note: PI was already known
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