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State Application

This app provides current state feedback of nodes and slivers based on their REST API.

Definition of reported states

List of values and its definition reported by the state application, check specific section for Slice, Sliver and Node states.

  • NODATA: monitorization task has not been runned, so there is no state data. Or the available data is too old (last heartbeat has expired).
  • UNKNOWN: node replyes with 200 but without any state information (probably because there is a bug in the node)
  • OFFLINE: the node doesn't reply HTTP requests.
  • CRASHED: the node replies everything is OK but at the end is not doing requests to the server's registry API service.
  • FAILURE: the node replies failure status.

Node reported states

Slice and Sliver reported states

REST API (controller)

The current state of slivers and nodes are exposed via controller REST API.

NOTE: controller knowledge came from the last retrieved information from the Node API, so there is not guaranty about its accuracity and is susceptible to be outdated.

Example of usage and returned data:

# GET /api/slivers/136/ctl/state/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept
    "current": "offline", 
    "last_change_on": "2014-06-12T08:57:55.014Z", 
    "last_seen_on": null,
    "url": "https://[fd65:fc41:c50f:51f::2]/confine/api/slivers/136/", 
    "verified": false, 
    "metadata": {
        "exception": "HTTPSConnectionPool(host='fd65:fc41:c50f:51f::2', port=443):
                      Max retries exceeded with url: /confine/api/slivers/136/
                      (Caused by <class 'socket.error'>: [Errno 110] Connection timed out)"
    "data": ""
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