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Tinc application

This application is a management network backend implemented using tinc , a VPN daemon.


  • TINC_PORT_DFLT default tinc port, '666' by default.
  • TINC_NET_NAME default tinc network name, 'confine' by default.
  • TINC_MGMT_IPV6_PREFIX management network IPv6 prefix, '2001:db8:cafe::/48' by default.
  • TINC_TINCD_SEND_HUP send HUP signal after tinc changes (force the server to reload config files), True by default.


  • Set Island: dynamically provided to tinc.Host and nodes.Node, it recalculates connect_to based on the current Island.


  • create_tinc_server, configures Tincd testbed server.
    • optional arguments: –username system user which executes celeryd and –noinput which runs the command without asking the user for any input.
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