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Match implementation with the latest specification updates.


The first major release will be based on "confined" milestone specifications. It is expected to be an stable and fully featured release.


  • Remember to make use of ModelField.editable when needed
  • Consider to add a search box on the dashboard, maybe using Haystack
  • Consider to use sphinx for documentation
  • Consider to use django loging system for debugging info
  • Look for a better approach for managing INSTALLED_APPS, core applications on base_settings optional apps in settings?
  • Consider to write sysadmin documentation, ie: reset rabbitmq, apache status
  • ShowText like widgets: clean_field_name: return self.initial['field_name']
  • Make sure controller modules do not import settings
  • on admin replace get_object_or_404() and self.get_object() by more error tolerant logic i.e.
            state = self.get_object(request, unquote(object_id))
            if state is None:
                raise Http404('State with id "%s" does not exists' % object_id)


  • Javascript based user warning when set_state is set failure “Hey do you know that manuall intervention will be required?, Are you sure?” Fixed at commit 40cf633e
  • Make REST API node endpoint “writable”


  • Move iface and vlan_nr validation logic in iface definition rather than SliverIface model?
  • Ensure one isolated per node and sliver
  • Make interface nr dynamic


  • Defer execution of task inside the task: Ie. connection error to rabbitmq raises before transaction commit so the user gets a message which says that everything has gone ok when not.
  • Signal + defer to make sure tinc is created when node is added
  • Offer SO-dependent instructions and mention root privileges on the tinc help page
  • Incorporate
  • Consider to use tincd -U setuid instead of sudo?
  • Add curl command to upload tinc key in tinc help page
  • Generate tinc config files according to tincaddresses


  • Change existing node/slices state when allow_slices and allow_nodes transitions to False Fixed at commit 8b1f647c
  • Consider to make roles and resource dynamic (allow_slices/slivers)?
  • Consider to create an admin users task list on the dashboard?


  • Read sliver ips from json
  • Next retry on looks like a bit buggy
  • notificate someone when node respons with 500?
  • convert state history graph seconds in human time
  • Hook sliver iface IPs


  • Ping timeout setting
  • Consider to aggregate older pings, otherwise the timeseries grow unbounded #516
  • Load new data depending on the selected min and max


  • Update api wiki documentation page
  • Use writable serializers when available
  • wrap api calls under transactions


  • Consider to hide fields like passwords and emails
  • Consider to filter querysets like tickets and messages
  • Implement permission caching on the backend
  • Update permissions wiki documentation


  • Enable authtokens plugin on VCT by default
  • Consider to warn user when firmware confine-usb is selected but not downloaded or ask pau to create one without preloaded images and download it during setupfirmware?
  • </del>Improve help instructions (sysupgrade vs flash vs usb)</del>
  • Consider to provide an extra private attribute for files and plugins in order to say whether it's appropriate to save it on the build image (buildfile/kwargs) ?
  • Warning message saying the node will not be operative without those files! make sure they are there
  • firmware builds without tinc server keys, make this break
  • Add extra features on the REST API (select base image, exclude optional files, plugins…)


  • Common node db interaction
    1. GET sliver info, node arch
  • Check if CNDB link is provided, and warn user if not?
  • Maybe the confirmation page can show what attributes will be updated and their values. Maybe using a formset with these fields: update(checkbox)|name|value(charfield)?


  • NodeGeolocation.node should not be null=True (otherwise delete on cascade will not be emulated when nodes are deleted) Fixed at a45992cd
  • Consider to represent how RDs are linked between them? showing the underling community network? and isolated interface connectivity with other RD's? See monitoring system.
  • select nodes for creating slivers from a map
  • OpenLayers bug #2187 (map not working on hidden divs): possible workaround: map.updateSize() source.


  • Consider to allow users to disable notifications?
  • Consider to rename the application to alerts?
  • configure plugin settings from the web iface with update_settings function?
  • max notifications per event (flap detector) and heuristic to avoid notifications when all nodes are down


  • Consider to execute inside screen by default?
  • Consider to implement support for executing the script without the ssh wrapper and also execute python code with django context
  • While STARTED poll maintenance.stdout and stuff to dynamically update the web interface


  • Reloading a process may (nginx) make a master process to renew its children. This is a problem with the current model of counting CPU ticks because the master waiting counter has not been reset. Maybe is it simply good enough to return parent.wait+child.working ?


  • Make the install commands more aware of custom systems
  • Consider –dry option to output the command steps without performing any system change
  • Try manage better the dependencies. consider to import first, install when fails
  • install_requirements introspect INSTALLED_APPS for deciding what to install ?
  • additional steps best practicesCommunity-Lab/CONFINE administrator's guide
  • python controller_version Fixed at commit c87a4c41
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