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The iMinds Antwerp testbed

While the general CONFINE testbed is publicly accessible, this testbed is not because it is used as a sandbox for CONFINE researchers. One of the features being tested in this testbed is federation.


The iMinds Antwerp testbed will be running the latest CONFINE software, both on the (local) server and on the nodes.

Network topology

The testbed is completely isolated from the university of Antwerp network, the only link being the endpoint of the FEDERICA tunnel called scoop. The router behind scoop is responsible for BGP and internal routing, and is called wendy.

From wendy, there is a wired connection to our local testbed controller and the actual testbed nodes.

The community network nodes form a wireless management network, in the network range allocated to iMinds. Each research device is connected to exactly one community network node, over a wired ethernet connection.

Community Network Nodes

As this testbed is indoor, a community network is simulated by means of Mikrotik and Ubiquiti hardware. This is similar to hardware used by Wireless Antwerp, the local community network.

The community devices are called A through L.

The network layout and IP configuration is as follows.

Research Devices

The research devices are Alix boards type 3D2 with a 4GB CF, a wlm200nx NIC, a dcma81 NIC and simple omnidirectional antennas.

Device overview

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