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Lazio Testbed (part of Rome is a wireless community network in Italy. Information about the network architecture can be found in this document:

Indoor Research Devices have been deployed in the city of Rome and its surroundings at community network members premises. Most of the hardware are Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) devices with i3 CPU, 60GB of total disk capacity and 8GB of RAM.

A map of the deployment of the research devices can be found here:


Name Location Hardware Address Status
HALNET-UP Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:d9::2deployed
Alberone NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:dc::2deployed
fabys Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:dd::2deployed
Fusolab NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:c8::2deployed
Hispanco NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:de::2deployed
ClauzRD Jetway Barebonefdf5:5351:1dfd:b0::2deployed
NUC0 Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:c9::2deployed
C5L-Laiatico Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:da::2deployed
Talamo Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:d2::2deployed
LuX Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:f4::2deployed
ninnux Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:b5::2deployed
AmeWWW Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:e0::2deployed
NazzaNode Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:df::2deployed
Cruto Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:111::2deployed
Bizio di Castelverde Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:f6::2deployed
SigNode Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:d8::2deployed
Gallia Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:e2::2deployed
LittleGym Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:f7::2deployed
Torks Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:112::2deployed
arziResearch Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:fc::2deployed
Sco Intel NUCfdf5:5351:1dfd:d7::2planned
NinuxUNITVRM Jetway Barebonefdf5:5351:1dfd:b2::2planned
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