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#9: Node announcement


Insert information on database to announce the presence of a new node


Server (Software)



  1. The user that performs the action has to be registered
Primary actor

A registered user


A registered user with some credentials level uses the server interface (or server API) to announce a new node on the system

Main Success Scenario
  1. The user selects the “Announce new node” on the website. In this step, the user has to provide a valid URL from an existing community and identify the coordinates of the new node
  2. As alternative: the user sends a valid request with all information to the Public server API
  3. The server publishes the information on its website

DAVIDE: Open topics are: Node has to be part of community network at this point? How to verify it?

IVAN suggested: Maybe registration should be a two step process, the second one needing that the node is reachable and has CONFINE firmware installed. In the first step we can ask for a community URL where the node is described, but I wouldn't perform any particular check.

LEANDRO: Alternative way: the node “self-registers”: with the CONFINE firmware, the node submits some info to the server, the server can complete from the nodeDB, and an admin validates.

Can we simply combine node registration and node announcement ?

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