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#10: Node registration


Register a node as an active on the system and make it reachable to all researchers and admins


Server (Software) and Nodes (Software)



  1. The node has to be announced
Primary actor

An announced node


An announced node boots from the “Basic distribution disk” and sends a Register to the CONFINE server

Main Success Scenario
  1. The node sends a private API Register message to the CONFINE server
  2. The server verifies node basic identity (maybe the announced IP and/or owner username)
  3. The server changes node's status to Updating
  4. The node installs the last CONFINE node distribution
  5. The node starts the process to announce to the server their basic capabilities (resources available to share, connectivity and performance status)
  6. The server changes node status to ready and makes it reachable and instantiable for researchers and sliver manager
  7. The server sends to node owner a message to confirm that their node is up and running
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