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#12: Node update


Update DB information about an existing node of the platform


Server (Software)



  1. The node announced or registered on the sistem
  2. The user that performs the deletion (actioner) has to be registered
Primary actor

A registered actioner


A registed user with some credentials level uses the server interface (or server API) to update node information from other user (or himself)

Main Success Scenario
  1. The actioner selects a node and click on update information option
  2. As alternative: the actioner sends a valid request with all information to the Public server API
  3. The server verifies the actioner credentials
  4. The server verifies that the actioner current credentials are higher than the node's owner to update
  5. The new node description will be stored on the CONFINE Server DB.
  6. The node owner will informed about the change

DAVIDE: There are information that is not able to change, as the primary IP address or, maybe, the community where the node is attached

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