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#1: Routing protocol evaluation experiment


Creating a new slice with some nodes selected by the researcher and conduct over it an experiment that evaluates a routing protocol


Full CONFINE software stack




The researcher is an already registered user

Primary actor

The researcher


The researcher decides to perform an experiment for the evaluation of a routing protocol

Main Success Scenario
  1. The researcher logs on the server software
  2. The server shows the different possible operations to the researcher
  3. The researcher selects to create a new slice
  4. The researcher creates a new slice with an unique name and a set of users of the slice
  5. The researcher adds some nodes to the slice
  6. The server deduces the necessary set of network rules for the slice
  7. The server delegates the sliver creation and application of network rules on each of the selected nodes
  8. The node controller creates the proper sliver and executes the necessary network configuration
  9. The researcher uses the slivers:
    • The researcher uploads into the slivers the necessary code for performing the evaluation
    • The researcher initiates the experiment
    • The experiment runs on the slice's slivers
    • The researcher retrieves the experiment's results
  10. The researcher deletes the slice
  11. The server delegates the sliver removal to each of the selected nodes
  12. The node controller removes the sliver and the network rules previously created

LEANDRO: Grouping under “The researcher uses the slivers:” as these actions included are opaque to the testbed system.

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