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Confine-project use cases

This document enumerates the use cases that Confine system will provide to researchers, administrators and users.

The list has been divided into three different categories:

  • Normal operation cases: this list describes the simplest use cases, where nothing fails and all communication-requests can performed without information losses or interruptions.
  • Error cases: this list describes use cases related to expected errors that the platform has to handle. For example, one node didn't receive an update during a given time.
  • Critical cases: this list describes cases (maybe not use cases) where the platform or some component is not working well and the system has to do some actions to return to a “normal operation” condition. For example, it's impossible to access a node.

Warning: Most of these use cases are obsolete (as noted in issue #10), for the moment please refer to the REST API interaction examples and the server portal page.

Normal Operation Cases

Normal Operation Cases describes the workflow generated from actions and requests that researchers (or other users with different role) could perform on the system using the API. These descriptions do not contemplate the actions that servers, nodes or others components can do under certain conditions without an asociated request.

General (complex) examples

Users (Researchers)

As a general rule, we note as actioner (user) as the role (or user) who performs the action and as a objective (user) the user in wich the action take effects. Some times, both identities can match. The concept of An unknown user is also used to refer to a user who can or not registered on the system.




Error Cases


Critical Cases

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