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#2: User registration


Creating a new physical identity on the system that can perform actions


Server (Software)



  1. The objective user has not registered yet
Primary actor

A new user (researcher)


An unknown user goes to the CONFINE server website and click on “register new user” section. Or, providing the required-valid information, an unknown user sends a request to the Public server API for register a new user.

Main Success Scenario
  1. The researcher fills the server website form
  2. As alternative: the researcher sends a valid request with all information to the Public server API
  3. The server verifies that the new identity is new on the DB
  4. The server ask to the user to send a valid SHH keyfile
    1. LEANDRO: Perhaps just show a form with details (some mandatory like SSH key, email, resource group or principal investigator, etc)
  5. The researcher uploads a new SSH file
    1. LEANDRO: The researcher fills in the form and submits the result.
  6. The server verifies that is a valid (well-formed) SSH key and stores it
    1. LEANDRO: The server sends an email to the researcher to confirm its identity, and to the principal investigator for approval
  7. The server informs to the user that the process finished OK
    1. LEANDRO: After both confirmations are approved … ^^ otherwise the registration is removed from the DB.

DAVIDE: As a default, the new user created has a “Researcher” role. There are some open discussions about if we would use a model like PlanetLab where exists the concept of “Principal Researcher” - owner of some part of the testbed inside a given community - or a more open aproach, where anyone can register as a researcher without human intervention.

LEANDRO: I prefer the Planetlab model. There is a PI (Principal Investigator, as PR sounds like public relations) that has to validate registrations as researcher in his organization/group (kind of a responsible person that knows and accepts the other). In our case we will have to define which groups we have, can be one per partner or just one group for all Confine partners, one group per open call participant, and perhaps another group for invited external researchers. Planetlab also has the 'tech' role but I don't see it fits that well here.

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