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#8: Delete / Update an user SSH key


Modify or delete an SSH from a given user


Server (Software) and Nodes (Software)



  1. The user to update (objective) has to be registered
  2. The user that performs the update (actioner) has to be registered
  3. The actioner has to be a credential of higher level than the objective (this condition also prevents to admins to change other admins info)
Primary actor

A registered actioner


A registed user with some credentials level uses the server interface (or server API) to modify or delete one SSH key to another user (or himself)

Main Success Scenario
  1. The actioner selects an objective and click on modify SSH info option
  2. As alternative: the actioner sends a valid request with all information to the Public server API
  3. The server verifies the actioner credentials
  4. The server verifies that the actioner current credentials are higher than the objective user to delete
  5. the server verifies that the objective remains with at least one valid SSH key on the server keyring.
  6. The server verifies which slivers has been created (and are active or running) by the objective
  7. For each one, the server verifies if the user has been logged with this SSH key
    1. LEANDRO: no need, it will just affect the next login.
  8. The server notifies to the objective user that one of their keys will be update or delete
  9. The server change the SSH key stored
  10. The server log-out the objective on each sliver where the objective entered using the old key
    1. LEANDRO: log-out??? I don't think this is needed.

DAVIDE: What happen if the key is in use? My proposal is to kick-off the user and delete each actions performed with the old key

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