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The file /etc/config/wibed contains the database used to manage the node. The fileds are the next.

node_id <int> Lasts 6 bytes hex of the MAC address
status <int> Status code 0,1,2,3,4,5
recovery_timer <int> Time to ??
last_cmd_id <int> No need?
exp_id <int> The current experiment identifier
ov_url <URL> HTTP URL to download the experiment data to the overlay partition
save_url <URL> HTTP URL to push (rsync) the /save files during the experiment
cmd_id <int> The current command identifier
cmd_str <string> Command to execute
cmd_result <int> Exit code of the executed command (indicates command has been executed)
version <int> Current version of the installed firwmare
model <string> Model of the node
auto <bool> Is auto-upgrade allowed?
upg_url <url> The HTTP URL of the new firmware
upg_timer <timer> Timer until the upgrade should start
ifaces <list of strings> List of managment interfaces (eth0 wlan0 etc.)
channel <int> Wireless channel (in the 5GHz band)
bssid <hex string> BSS ID for WiFi
ssid <hex string> Station ID name for WiFi
channel2 <string> WiFi channel to be used in 2Ghz band
channel5 <string> WiFi channel to be used in 5Ghz band
ipv4_net <IPv4> IPv4 address for management 10.99.R1.R2/16
ipv6_net <IPv6> IPv6 address for management fdba:99:R1R2::1/64
  • R1 = 8 bits random number, probably comming from MAC
  • R2 = 8 bits random number, probably comming from MAC
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