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Documentation of the deployment of the UPC CN-A mesh network

This wiki entry will document and explain the tasks done in order to deploy, monitorize and mantain the Wibed mesh network testbed UPC NC-A.

Prototype of UPC CN-A mesh network

Here you can find the procedure followed to deploy the network and the problems faced. Deployment

Current state of the project

Project log



  • Check currently deployed nodes
    • Design, deployment and service deployment of the network UPC CN-A.
    • Monitoring and automation of the most common tasks that are necessary to control and mantain the system.
    • Add some new functionalities to the system in order to improve its correct operation
    • Abstraction of the tools owing to be able to use them in any kind of network -not just in UPC CN-A-.
  • Check and validate the correct behaviour of the network with some small experiments -and to find problems/malfunctions-.
  • Application of a real and large scale experiment in order to validate the network behaviour -BattleMesh/Esther's experiment/others-.


Work done

  • Deployed 21 nodes as the UPC CN-A mesh network prototype in the A5 and A6 buildings.
  • Development of the firmware of the nodes in order to be able to work with the experiments.
  • Using Libremap to geolocate the nodes position.
    • Preconfigured coordinates in Libremap are currently randomized near the C6 building. They might be changed manually in Configuration file). They are able to be set in the wibed configuration webpage (user friendly).
  • Little tutorial to de-brick your node here

To be done

  • Find a date to deploy 4 nodes in the A5 and A6 mezzanines (in the dropped ceiling)
  • Design of the network -online map?-.
  • Deployment of the network in the classrooms.
  • Testing of the correct mesh network behaviour.
  • Monitoring of the mesh status.
  • Automation of most common maintenance tasks.
  • Add new functionalities (?).
  • Wibed experiment testing (predefined easy tasks).
  • Wibed largscale experiment testing (ie. BattleMesh or Esther's experiment).

Wibed nodes and naming translation:

Hostname Mgmt address Placement description
3e9dae fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9dae GW - A5 Building - Operators Room
a5fa34 fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fea5:fa34 A6-E02 (Maintenance bathroom)
e6065c fe80::12fe:edff:fee6:65c CONFINE Lab (TESTING)
e5eef0 fe80::12fe:edff:fee5:eef0 A5-002 Classroom (Wardrobe)
a5f9ba fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fea5:f9ba A5-001 Classroom (Wardrobe)
e5f0b2 fe80::12fe:edff:fee5:f0b2 Between A5 and A6 Buildings - Maintenance wardrobe
e5f482 fe80::12fe:edff:fee5:f482 A6-001 Classroom (Wardrobe)
ff2e64 fe80::a2f3:c1ff:feff:2e64 A6-002 (Wardrobe)
3e9e8e fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9e8e A6-E01 - Ventilation hole
c303b2 fe80::6670:2ff:fec3:3b2 CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
c31332 fe80::6670:2ff:fec3:1332 A5 1st Floor - Maintenance Wardrobe
3e9e7c fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9e7c A5-E01 - Disabled's bathroom
a5f9c0 fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fea5:f9c0 Maintenance room - Entrance - Near the A6 Building garage door
e5f0c6 fe80::12fe:edff:fee5:f0c6 Maintenance room - Entrance - Near the A5 Building entrance
a5f9fa fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fea5:f9fa CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
3e9d28 fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9d28 CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
8f9214 fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fe8f:9214 CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
51aac8 fe80::fa1a:67ff:fe51:aac8 CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
e4b63a fe80::a2f3:c1ff:fee4:b63a CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)
3e9d8a fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9d8a CONFINE Lab (TO BE DEPLOYED)

Experiment nodes

Hostname Mgmt address Placement description
3e9e76 fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9e76 MANOS - E208 (CONTROLLER TESTING)
4ce10c fe80::fa1a:67ff:fe4c:e10c MANOS - E208 - CONTROLLER TESTING
3e9dc4 fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9dc4 MANOS - E208 - CONTROLLER TESTING
3e9e8a fe80::6670:2ff:fe3e:9e8a MANOS - E208 - CONTROLLER TESTING
3b492c fe80::12fe:edff:fe3b:492c MANOS - E208 (CONTROLLER TESTING)

NEW Wibed nodes

Hostname Mgmt address Placement description
faaf86 fe80::6666:b3ff:fefa:af86 CONFINE Lab
f41ab0 fe80::6666:b3ff:fef4:1ab0 Testing Node
f41a44 fe80::6666:b3ff:fef4:1a44 CONFINE Lab
1642be fe80::6666:b3ff:fe16:42be CONFINE Lab
163e8e fe80::6666:b3ff:fe16:3e8e CONFINE Lab
3b30fa - CONFINE Lab
3b3d70 - CONFINE Lab

Other Testbeds deployed

INESC - Portugal (Contact: Filipe Borges)

Hostname Mgmt address Placement description
5ec43c - INESC Laboratory
5ec5f4 - INESC Laboratory
7483cc - INESC Laboratory
e60adc - INESC Laboratory


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