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  • There is a management network based on ADHOC+BATADV
  • Each node has an unique identifier based on the MAC address (lasts 6 hex bytes)
  • Nodes make constant HTTP requests (pulling) to the server to know what to do. These requests are executed as a crontab job and retrieve the information using JSON. These can be:
    • Experiment information
    • Upgrade information
    • Command execution
  • An experiment is an overlay (tar.gz) prepared by the researcher. The overlay, once the experiment is launched, is mounted in the rootFS and the node is rebooted to start the experiment.
  • Each experiment has a timer, that when it becames zero the overlay is umounted and the node rebooted
  • There is a recoveryTimer. If the server does not reply after X requests, the overlay is removed and the node comes back to its original state.
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