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Preparing the environment

In order to compile the Wibed firmware you have to follow this steps:

    $ git clone
  • Set the environment executing the script for it.
    $ cd wibed-openwrt
    $ ./ [TARGET] # if no target is specified will use default "ar71xx"
  • Compile the whole system.
    $ make V=99

Updating the Wibed-OpenWRT images

  • In order to get the latest updates from the Wibed repository just 'remake' your images with:
    $ ./
    (Provided in the wibed-openwrt folder)
  • This will feed the repositories in your folder and make new images (factory and system upgrade). With the new image done, you will just need to use this command:
    In your PC:
    $ scp WiBedImageForSysupgrade.bin root@[Your:Node:IPv6:Address%YourInterface]:/tmp/NewName.bin
    (It is recommended to put the new image binaries in /tmp owing not to have problems with the placement)
    In your node:
    $ sysupgrade -n WibedImageForSysupgrade.bin
    (Wait until node writes the firmware and reboot from 1 to 2 times)
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