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Wibed User Tutorial


The users can access the Wibed testbed through the wibed server The wibed server provides a set of services that enable the execution and debugging of experiments. In its current state the wibed server supports the following features:

The Experiments page shows information about the running and executed experiments. Through it, information about each separate experiment can be accessed. This page is the starting point of deploying a new experiment.

The Nodes page shows information about the testbed nodes. Through it, information about each separate node can be accessed.

The Admin page allows the execution of commands in any of the nodes that are connected and do not participate in any experiment. It can be used in order to perform administrative operations wihtout having to connect to the node.

The Firmwares page provides information about the firmwares installed on the nodes and is the starting point of doing a firmware upgrade.

The following section describes a generic experiment run, in order to get familiar with the environment. For a more specific example you can take a look here.

Running An Experiment

Deploy Experiment

(Click on the pictures for better resolution.)

Firstly, login the the server using wibed as username and password.

In the Experiments page click Add Experiment. A page will appear where the user has to choose the name of the experiment, the overlay of the epxeriments (use an existing one or upload a custom one) and the nodes that will run the experiment.

After clicking start, wait until the experiment information is propagated to the nodes. This procedure finishes when the nodes are in the READY state.

Then the user can click the START button to deploy the experiment.

Run Experiment

Approximately after 2 minutes the node status will turn into RUNNING.

Then the user can add execute commands or run scripts that are included in the overlay.

An example experiment can be found here.

Clicking on a command, a page like the following will appear which presents which nodes have executed the comand and its output.

Stop and Remove Experiment

In order to stop the experiment the user clicks the button STOP and waits until the nodes status becomes RESETTING. Then the experiment can be optionally removed or remain in the DB.

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